Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dressing for the Salon

Okay ladies, how many of you out there dress to impress when going to the hair salon?  In my world, typical Saturdays involve a bike ride, hike, or lounging with the hubbs, so my weekend wardrobe is activewear.

Today, however, I had a hair appointment.  The salon I go to is somewhat trendy (think asymmetrical bobs, a dj, and espresso bar in the salon), and most of the clientele is dressed to the nines.  Can I enter the doors wearing my twice-worn yoga pants and sweat-stained work-out tank?  NO!  Especially because when changing into the haircut robe thingy, one has to take off their clothes, hang it on a hanger, and give over said clothes to an emo assistant for safe-guard (and probably close inspection) while the hair is cut.

So, in order to avoid the embarrassing shame of gym dressing at the salon, I decided to wear a more presentable outfit.  My kung-fu voodoo move though, is that in this outfit I feel like I'm wearing gym clothes.

Do any of you dress for the salon?

white tank:  OLD NAVY
striped cardigan:  ANTHROPOLOGIE
jeans:  J. CREW
shoes:  TOMS

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