Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Photo Fun

My sister-in-law organized a family photo shoot for the entire family.  Let me begin by saying that I appreciate her hard work putting the whole event together.  She is such a sweetheart.  With that said, the entire experience felt like standing on the edge of a cliff to hell.

The first set of orders was that we had to all wear black long-sleeved shirts with dark-wash jeans.  "No exceptions."  The dark jeans were easy, but I do not own any long-sleeve plain, black shirts.  I'm a print-girl. Anyways, I did the best I could with a 3/4-inch sleeve blouse and hoped no one would notice.

We arrived at our scheduled time and were met by the rest of the family:  one set of grandparents; sister-in-law, her husband, 7 year-old and 4 year-old nephews; other sister-in-law, her husband, 3 year-old nephew and 2 year-old niece.  Do you know how many people that is, including us?! 12.

The photographer posed us in extremely awkward positions, which we had to hold steady for an unreasonable amount of time.  She was really good at her job, but she kept making funny motions and sound-effects to get the kids laughing.  This was cute the first 15 times, but after 10 minutes of the same stimuli, I felt like I was ready to punch a clown.

I'm just hoping that the photos do not end up on

Here are outfit photos from Thursday.

dress:  ANTHRO
cardigan: ANTHRO
belt & shoes:  TARGET

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Match the Weather

It's another cloudy day here in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought I'd wear a dress to match.  To keep things fun, I wore my Wily cardigan from Anthro.  I adore this sweater, but have struggled with how to style it.  Today, I almost felt like I was wearing a foxy blazer.

Forgive the mediocre photos.  I had to perch my camera on a bookcase in my classroom, and this was the best I could do.

wily sweater:  ANTHRO
maeve dress:  ANTHRO
hue tights:  ANTHRO
boots:  STEVE MADDEN Intyce

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dressing for the Salon

Okay ladies, how many of you out there dress to impress when going to the hair salon?  In my world, typical Saturdays involve a bike ride, hike, or lounging with the hubbs, so my weekend wardrobe is activewear.

Today, however, I had a hair appointment.  The salon I go to is somewhat trendy (think asymmetrical bobs, a dj, and espresso bar in the salon), and most of the clientele is dressed to the nines.  Can I enter the doors wearing my twice-worn yoga pants and sweat-stained work-out tank?  NO!  Especially because when changing into the haircut robe thingy, one has to take off their clothes, hang it on a hanger, and give over said clothes to an emo assistant for safe-guard (and probably close inspection) while the hair is cut.

So, in order to avoid the embarrassing shame of gym dressing at the salon, I decided to wear a more presentable outfit.  My kung-fu voodoo move though, is that in this outfit I feel like I'm wearing gym clothes.

Do any of you dress for the salon?

white tank:  OLD NAVY
striped cardigan:  ANTHROPOLOGIE
jeans:  J. CREW
shoes:  TOMS

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging Newbie

As a faithful reader of many blogs, I am making a humble attempt at joining the blogging community I have come to love.  Bear with me as I learn by doing.